[Twisted-web] nevow athena: node id issue (bug?)

aleuser at inwind.it aleuser at inwind.it
Fri Oct 20 05:58:22 CDT 2006

  I have many problems with nodes "id" attributes; using loaders.xmlstr all id names will be converted to "athena:X-nameid", but using loaders.stan they will be converted to "athena:X-athena:X-nameid"

Client side "self.nodeById('nameid')" function is not able to locate the correct node if the node has been created with loaders.stan.

Do you think is a bug?

For example, you can modify the 

modifying the Clock class:
from nevow import tags as T
docFactory = loaders.stan(T.div(id="test_id")[' this is a test '])

and the source html will be
<div id="athenaid:1-athenaid:1-test_id"> this is a test </div></div
<div id="athenaid:2-athenaid:2-test_id"> this is a test </div></div


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