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Tristan Seligmann mithrandi-twisted-web at mithrandi.za.net
Mon Oct 16 07:07:13 CDT 2006

* Jonathan Lange <jml at mumak.net> [2006-10-13 09:00:54 +1000]:

> Allow me to question your answer with a question: How does one render
> a sequence without nevow:data directives?
> <ul n:data="foo" n:render="sequence">
> <li n:pattern="item">
> <n:invisible n:data="name" n:render="string"/>
> </li>
> </ul>

I generally just do something like this:

<ul n:render="products">
<li n:pattern="item">
<n:slot name="name" />

The "products" renderer is then implemented by handing the relevant data
to a helper function.
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