[Twisted-web] Question about the Big picture

Tony Sterrett tonys at sterrett.net
Wed Nov 15 22:17:37 CST 2006

I just received a advertisement for a new book "TurboGears", a python  
web application server. There sure are
a lot of these approach/communities focused on python.

So what's the 40k foot view of the menagerie.   (i understand this  
question is a bit abstract).
Also do we have to start saying Turbo again, I was just getting use  
to "Extreme" and "On Steroids"
as in ExtremeGears or Ruby on Steroids :-)


Tony Sterrett

Sterrett Software, LLC.

Consultant for Open Source Software, Network and Kernel programming,  
featuring OpenBSD and Linux.

(858) 433-1467 San Diego
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