[Twisted-web] How to insert an Athena event handler using Stan?

kgi iacovou at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 10:53:02 CST 2006

On Tuesday 31 October 2006 21:56, Jean-Paul Calderone wrote:

> How does it fail?  Can you throw together a minimal self-contained example?
> I use this in a lot of places and it works and as far as I understand there
> is no reason it shouldn't.
> Jean-Paul

Here you go. At least, I hope I haven't broken it in some other way while 
whittling it down.

twistd -noy stuff.py, then browse to http://localhost:8080

stuff.py as it stands it doesn't work. However, edit line 48 of stuff.py to 

    docFactory = docFactoryJS

instead of

    docFactory = docFactoryAthena

and it starts working.

I'm fully prepared for the possibility of eating humble pie over some typo, 
but if it is a typo, my eyes are incapable of seeing it :-)


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