[Twisted-web] nevow guard and logout

Remi Cool mailinglists at smartology.nl
Wed May 31 04:07:31 CDT 2006


I've implemented the nevow guarded and logout_guard examples in my own
code, but ran into a problem.

I  start firefox and load the url http://localhost:8000/login, I get the
expected login page.
After login I can reach resources like
http://localhost:8000/login/test/test.html (before login I got a 'Sorry,
but I couldn't find the object you requested.' page)
When I return to the login page and click on logout, I get the login
page again but can still reach the test/test.html page.
After a restart of firefox, I need to log in before I get access to

Three questions:
- how can I prevent access to guarded resources after logout?
- is it possible to always show the login page when a guarded resource
is requested and the user is not logged in?
- is it possible to use components.registerAdapter to register the
sessionWrapper as root resource?


- Remi -

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