[Twisted-web] nevow documentation

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Fri May 26 09:16:38 CDT 2006


The base documentation for Nevow is very well written (it is very
unfortunate that Donovan Preston no longer maintain Nevow).

Is this documentation up to date with the current versione of twisted?

What are the most important missing features?

As I can see:
- more detailed documentation of IRequest.
  As an example 200, 404 and 500 return code are automatically generated
by Nevow (when rendering a resource, when returning None by
locateChildren and bu raising an exception in a renderer, ***what else?***

- documentation of interfaces like IContainer, ISession and IRenderer,
ICanHandleException, IHand?, ...

- more detailed documentation about context (remember, ...)

- documentation for macro
- documentation for fragments
- documentation for guard

- some interfaces are not documented at all
(as ISettable, IStatusMessage, ...)

All this stuff is explained in the examples but it can help a lot to
have them organized in a better way.

Thanks  Manlio Perillo

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