[Twisted-web] forms has been renamed to formal

Matt Goodall matt at pollenation.net
Wed Mar 29 17:43:21 CST 2006

Tommi Virtanen wrote:

> Hi! I've just committed 3 changes to the forms SVN trunk that
> change the package from "forms" to "formal", as agreed with Matt
> earlier.

Great! Thanks, Tommi.

I just wish that the first I knew about the change being committed
wasn't when I did "svn up". I knew Tommi was going to make the change, I
just wish I'd read my email first ;-).

I hope everyone's happy enough with the new name. formal is short, easy
to type and reasonably descriptive so when Tommi volunteered to do the
work I just said, "go for it".

I admit to being extremely tempted by Mike Pelletier's "boviform"
suggestion though ;-).

> Now, I'd like to get a release done, and a debian package made
> of it, then I can start using it for real. Matt, do you want to
> handle the release or should I? What version number should it get?

I would really appreciate it if you could handle it, at least at first.

I don't mind what version it gets. Is there anything wrong with using
whatever version it's at right now?

Once again, thanks Tommi.

Cheers, Matt

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