[Twisted-web] static.File.childNotFound gone walkabout?

David Reid dreid at dreid.org
Tue Mar 21 01:02:37 CST 2006

Jeff Grimmett wrote:
> In twisted.web.static.File we had support for a default "not found" page in
> the form of the attribute childNotFound. I notice that in web2 we just punt
> it. Was something niftier substituted or was it just dropped?

Custom error handlers hasn't really been addressed, I can think of a 
couple ways to probably do it, but I'm not sure how well any of them 
work off the top of my head, nor is there a standard way to do it.

> (also, if the latter, you are still calling it in t.w2.twcgi.py around line
> 328 or so, but that seems to be the only place)

Thanks for the heads up, please file a bug for this in the tracker and 
assign it to dreid.  A test case that hits this codepath is optional but 
would be appreciated :).


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