[Twisted-web] NameVirtualHost and web2

David Reid dreid at dreid.org
Mon Mar 20 17:22:48 CST 2006

Jeff Grimmett wrote:
> site1 = server.Site(static.File("d:sites\site1"))
> site2 = server.Site(static.File("d:sites\site2"))
> root.addHost('www.grimmlabs.com', site1)
> root.addHost('www.g-labs.com', site2)

I'm fairly sure that addHost never accepted a server.Site, even in 
twisted.web but it most certainly doesn't in web2.

simply change the above to

root.addHost('www.grimmlabs.com', static.File("d:sites\site1"))
root.addHost('www.g-labs.com', static.File("d:sites\site2"))


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