[Twisted-web] Re: remote admin app, ssh connection costs

Chris Miles miles.chris at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 11:09:47 CST 2006

Why not try a connection pool, where a number of connections are kept 
open to hosts up to a certain limit.  If a new connection is needed for 
a host then an existing connection is closed and re-used.  Use a simple 
LRU policy.

The number of connections to pool should be configurable, as different 
environments will have different requirements.


Gustavo Rahal wrote:
> Hi All
> I did a small xmlrpc webservice that basicly expose some methods to 
> interact (run commands, for example) with a lists of UNIX servers.
> At startup, the webservice connects via ssh to all the UNIX servers 
> (currently 16) and leave the connections open waiting for requests from 
> clients.
> The app was designed mostly as a way of learninig how to use twisted ssh 
> modules, deferreds etc...
> Some questions (I'll try to be brief):
> 1) At startup, the ssh connections to the UNIX servers goes as far as 
> the client connection step ( connection.SSHConnection) and are kept open.
> So, each time a client requests (via xmlrpc) a shell command to run, the 
> webservice opens a channel to this server (channel.SSHChannel) runs the 
> command, gets the output and closes the channel.
> Would it be better to leave a channel open so there is no overhead of 
> openning a channel each time there is a command to run? What are the 
> pros and cons?
> 2) Supposing that the number of servers grow, how many simultaneous ssh 
> connections is a reasonable amount?
> Let's say a Pentium III 500MHz with 1 GB RAM and a 4 Mbits link. What is 
> a reasonable amont? 0-50, 50-100, 100-150?


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