[Twisted-web] guard, mind and component questions

Dan Aronson dan+twisted at catolabs.org
Wed Jun 28 12:54:54 CDT 2006

I've been using nevow on a project and I think I'm doing something 
cleaner than is in all of the examples (and the examples) that I've seen 
on the net, so I'm wondering if I'm missing something.

All of the examples that keep state do it in the component of the guard 
session.  For my code I'm instead keeping state in the mind.  I find 
this better for two reasons:
  1) I don't have to create an interface class for my state
  2) I don't have to make sure that my state gets cleaned up after 
logout (or new login), since the mind factory gets reinstanced anyway, 
and Ican just rely on python garbage collecting the old state information.

Of course when thinking about it, my assumption is that mind is called 
"mind" for this very reason.

Could any of you experienced nevow users/implementors tell me if I'm 
missing something?


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