[Twisted-web] New WebDAV implementation that can run on web2

David Reid dreid at dreid.org
Tue Jun 27 18:01:57 CDT 2006

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Michael Robinson wrote:
> My project, NoDAV (http://nodav.python-hosting.com/), is a framework
> for developing WebDAV applications in Python. NoDAV includes an
> example WSGI server running on web2.
> NoDAV is not tied to any specific web framework and should integrate
> integrate into any HTTP1.1 framework with ~100-150 of lines of NoDAV
> related code.
> I don't know if advantagers there would be a major advantage to
> implementing NoDAV directly on top of the Twisted API instead of WSGI,
> but it would be a trivial task for anyone familiar with Twisted (which
> I'm not).

I have to ask, did you find something specifically or particularly
unsuitable about the twisted.web2.dav module?  Obviously there is a
place for a DAV server/framework not specific to Twisted (assuming you
believe there is a place for something that isn't specific to Twisted in
any area,) but your original post appears to indicate that this is a
mere implementation detail.  I suspect that there may be some features
that would be difficult if not impossible to implement without closer
integration with the server (such as WebDAV ACLs.)

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