[Twisted-web] error compiling twisted from svn

Alessandro aleuser at inwind.it
Sun Jun 25 13:24:30 CDT 2006

 I can't compile twisted from svn any more. Since few weeks ago 
compilation process gives me the following error:

#python2.4 setup.py build
copying twisted/web/woven/simpleguard.py -> build/lib/twisted/web/woven
copying twisted/web/woven/controller.py -> build/lib/twisted/web/woven
copying twisted/web/woven/interfaces.py -> build/lib/twisted/web/woven
copying twisted/web/woven/flashconduit.py -> build/lib/twisted/web/woven
running build_scripts
error: Is a directory
Error: Subprocess exited with result 1 for project web

I have check the revision: the problem appeared with rev. 17027, no 
problem with the 17026.
What could be appened? Does anybody else have this problem?

# svn update -r 17027   [ from 17026 ]
U  win32/twisted_postinstall.py
U  win32/twistenv.bat
U  twisted/python/_twisted_zsh_stub
D  twisted/python/zsh/_websetroot
U  twisted/python/zshcomp.py
D  twisted/web/scripts
D  doc/web/man/websetroot.1
D  bin/web
Updated to revision 17027.


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