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Adrian Perez moebius.lists at gmail.com
Sat Jun 24 09:22:11 CDT 2006


This is my first post to the twisted-web mailing list, so let me say
some words about myself first. Name's Adrian and I'm from Spain. I'm
studying Computer Science (this one is my fifth year -- I hope to
graduate soon) and I've always been interested in Python; unfortunately
there's no much people at my University using it...

I used to have a website I set up on top of Zope but my homemade
webserver just blew up two months ago. I've been trying some web
development frameworks since then because I find Zope too heavy for my
purposes. After taking a quick look at Django, TurboGears (which I
found quite interesting) and CherryPy I discovered Nevow -- and decided
to go on with it. I subscribed to this list some weeks ago but I have
been just «hearing» what other people had to say.

"Thomas Raschbacher" <lordvan at lordvan.com> wrote:

> so I assume that means that there is no nevow blog yet ..

Well, it does not exist... «yet». I'm currently starting to code a
weblog using Nevow. I currently have a working prototype with nearly
no features I made in two afternoons. I'm happy Nevow was quite easy
to start working with -- my previous experience learning Zope was a

The weblog is named «Bic» (like a mythical brand of ball pens which
exists here in Spain, http://www.bicworld.com/), and this is a quick
summary of the features I want it to have:

 - reStructuredText for writing posts, and maybe comments too.

 - Data is stored on-disk as flat plaintext files. If this proves being
   slow, maybe caching pre-rendered reStructuredText and/or having a
   cache of the filesystem contents is acceptable for me.

 - Articles are categorized by using «tags». I'm not sure how I will
   blend this with the plaintext storage, but I don't consider this as
   an important feature.

 - Support for uploading files (including images, of course).

 - Serving RSS feeds (of course!)

 - Support for static pages. This could be as simple as marking an
   article as static page, or tagging it as «static» if I manage to add
   support for tags.

 - Indexing and searching using Xapian (http://www.xapian.org). I think
   I will use Divmod's Xapwrap for this.

 - The current default templates are XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.0
   compliant. I want to make them accesible, too (WAI-AA at least).

 - Support for localization. I've starting adding it some days ago, and
   I plan to provide english, spanish and galician translations of the
   user interface.

Some other features I would like to have (but which I consider less

 - Stylesheet may be changed «on the fly» (e.g. a high contrast
   stylesheet would useful for people with vision problems if they can
   select it while browsing).

 - In the future I would like to extend this to have some special URI
   segments translated (e.g. using «/search/foo» in english and
   «/buscar/foo» in spanish).

 - Support for pluggable text converters, so articles may be written
   not only in reStructuredText (e.g. wiki syntax, plain ol' HTML...)

 - Some XML-RPC APIs, so posts may be done from blogging clients. 

 - ...some other?

Currently I'm using Python 2.4, Twisted 2.4, Twisted-Web 0.6, Docutils
0.4 and Nevow 0.8 as development environment.

Of course, all comments, proposals, etc. are welcome. I can notify you
of my progress on this list, if you want.


Adrian Perez
"Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want"
                                           -- (Dan Stanford)

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