[Twisted-web] livepage and IClientHandle().transient

Alessandro aleuser at inwind.it
Sat Jun 24 07:23:43 CDT 2006

Valentino Volonghi aka Dialtone wrote:

> Check that you are using livepage.LivePage as a base class and report 
> here the code you are using _completely_.

At the bottom of this email.
I'm using nevow from svn, last revision.
Python 2.4.1

>> I'm going to use the server side sessions and something similar 
>> "return client.get(btn_idname).disable=true"... but I don't like it.
> Sessions should not be used at all because you must always be able to 
> serialize them and their fields should remain somewhat fixed.

I can't understand: why sessions should be "serializzable"? Do you mean 
that I should be able to write them to a file whenever I want?

> I suggest moving to Athena which is newer and more actively maintained 
> and better overall, moving from one to the other is not very complex 
> or hard if your app is not medium-big and there is a considerable gain 
> in code complexity using Athena (less closures and such).

Probably you are right; my app is only made by few test modules. I have 
choosed livepage because It is simpler to understand IMHO


Here the code:

from nevow import appserver, loaders, tags as T
from twisted.application import service, strports
from nevow.livepage import glue, LivePage

from nevow import livepage

class LiveExample(LivePage):
    docFactory = loaders.stan(

    def render_choice(self, ctx, data):
        def chosen(ctx, choseWhat):
            return livepage.set("choosable", \
                                ["Thanks for choosing ", choseWhat])
        chooser = livepage.IClientHandle(ctx).transient(chosen)
        return T.span(id="choosable")["Choose one:",

site = appserver.NevowSite(LiveExample())
application = service.Application("site")
strports.service("8080", site).setServiceParent(application)

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