[Twisted-web] Formless disabling widget

Steven Holmes steg at linuxops.net
Tue Jan 24 09:54:08 MST 2006

On 24 Jan 2006, at 13:23, Suha Onay wrote:

> Hi,
> Is there a way to disable a formless widget(i.e. annotate.Text) ?
> I could not find any solution.
> ... annotate.Text(..., disable=True)
> ... annotate.Text(..., attributes={'disable': True})
> Thanks
> -- 
> Suha
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What is it you mean by disable? If you mean "don't render with
webform", you would need to create your own class derived from Text
and register its ITypedRenderer adapter as

This is hardly convenient.

I have a patch here that alters formless so you can pass in a keyword
argument to a typed specifying whether it should or shouldn't be
renderered (eg. annotate.Text(render=False)). If you would like me to
post it, reply letting me know and I'll clean it up and add unit


Steven Holmes (aka steg)

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