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Sat Jan 21 02:18:11 MST 2006

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>> How long can this sort of "that's not the way Mom does it"
>> criticism be taken seriously?
> Exactly. It looks like a typically Italian, self-centered, "Mommist" world
> view, and rather limiting too.

i hate to break it to you, but behavioural generalizations based on 
nationality have rarely worked based on my observations. for example, i am 
neither an avid vodka drinker (no time to be wasted) nor a mafia operative 
(i wasn't good enough at battering people to death with blunt objects when i 
was a teenager).

>> Content-Type: text/plain;
>>   charset="iso-8859-6"
> Mmh... Arabic?!?

... and what does that have to do with anything? i'm not the political 
correctness police by any means, but i fail to see how such remarks are 
relevant to this discussion or this list. i fear the 'not too long before 
godwin strikes' prediction has been more spot on than i'd hoped.


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