[Twisted-web] All night Twisted sprint @SuperHappyDevHouse.

David Reid dreid at dreid.org
Fri Jan 20 00:27:12 MST 2006

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After attending several (read: all of them) SuperHappyDevHouse[1]
events, with several other Twisted developers, I've decided to organize
an official Twisted sprint for the January 28th event.  In case you're
not aware SuperHappyDevHouse is an all night Hack-a-thon organized by
Jeff Lindsay[2] and David E. Weekly[3] (of the Community Colo[4]) in the
Bay Area, CA.  It's typically filled with a lot of Web2.0 startups, (and
the companies that buy them (read: Yahoo and Google))  I'm hoping to
have a large portion of this sprint take place in meat space, but as
with all past Twisted sprints IRC and Mailing List traffic is always

The SuperHappyDevHouse is located at 2735 Skyfarm Drive, Hillsborough,
CA.  It's easy enough to find, Google Maps[5] knows right where it is.
Parking is kind of sparse so carpool if you can, or if you'd like to
take CalTrain we'll find someone to pick you up.  The most important
thing is to get as many Twisted developers and Fan Boys[6] in the same
place as possible.

Sprint attendees and topics will include Brian Warner working on newpb,
and David Reid (Me) working on twisted.web2 including the unreleased
client branch, and cleaning up trunk for a potential 0.2 release.

So I guess I'm really bad at this, but _anyone_ on the West Coast should
show up.  It'll be great it's a wonderful friendly atmosphere with
wonderfully smart people some great new ideas.</plug>

[1] http://superhappydevhouse.com/
[2] http://blogrium.com/
[3] http://david.weekly.org/
[4] http://communitycolo.net/
[5] http://maps.google.com/maps?q=2735+Skyfarm+Drive,+Hillsborough,+CA
[6] http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=fanboy

- -David Reid

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