[Twisted-web] Good ROM tool ?

Valentino Volonghi aka Dialtone dialtone at divmod.com
Tue Jan 17 10:17:46 MST 2006

On Tue, Jan 17, 2006 at 04:48:07PM +0000, Matt Goodall wrote:
> Jeez guys! ;-)
> We all know that one of the best things about open source (other than
> the community, of course) is that if an organisation goes down or just
> decides they don't want to support a product anymore then all is not lost.
> Atop users have the code. They can still support it. Heck, I bet the
> Divmod guys would still help out when possible.

I don't think that's the point anymore. Because Andrea never used atop and
nobody has ever recommended using it (even Divmod guys).

It's like getting upset because Windows Vista because they rewrote the TCP/IP
stack while using Linux for everything.

There are many open source projects written in python for just about
everything. Installing a python software is a no brainer. Keeping up with the
svn development of many different projects is even simpler. Not reusing
projects because of dependencies is plain stupid.

If keeping up with many different SVN trees is hard use this:

import py

for x in py.path.local().listdir():
    if x.check(dir=False): continue
    wc = py.path.svnwc(x)
    if wc.check(versioned=True):
        print 'SVN', wc,
        wc_rev_old = wc.info().rev
        wc_rev = wc.info().rev
        if wc_rev > wc_rev_old:
            print "... UPDATED from %s to %s" % (wc_rev_old, wc_rev),
    elif x / 'CVS' in x.listdir():
        print "CVS", x
            old = x.chdir()
            out = py.process.cmdexec('cvs -q -z3 up -dP')
            if out.strip():
                print out
                print "="*20
        except py.process.cmdexec.Error, err:
            print err

this is a script I use to update my Projects directory in which there are
about 55 different projects that I use or that I keep track of.

Injecting additional dependencies is perfectly fine as long as it is a
meaningful dependency. There is NO, and I want to put some more emphasis on
it, NO REASON to avoid a dependency when, for example, you need to handle
dates, or when you need to handle system calls not wrapped in python or to add
some indexers and so on.

I hope this is clear enough. Anyway I'm not in position to take decisions for
anything that is not Nevow, and even there I'm still one in the developers
pool which means I'm just talking for myself (and I'm not a Divmod employee).

Valentino Volonghi aka Dialtone
Now Running MacOSX 10.4
Blog: http://vvolonghi.blogspot.com
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