[Twisted-web] Documentation virtual sprint, TODAY, Sat 14th January

Mary Gardiner mary-twisted at puzzling.org
Fri Jan 13 17:24:34 MST 2006

Hi all,

Today (well, soon for non-Australians) is of course the day of the
documentation virtual sprint.

What are we doing? We're reviewing the existing Twisted documentation
from both user and expert points of view to highlight obvious areas of

How can you help? Read Twisted documentation and make suggestions for
improvement. We need reviews from both Twisted users (the intended
audience of the documentation) and Twisted experts (who are the people
who, if the docs aren't good, have to fill in the gaps in their spare
time in email and IRC).

The sprint participants will be on IRC on the irc.freenode.net network.
I've created a dedicated sprint channel #twisted-sprint but I expect
there will be discussion also in #twisted. (I am less likely to be
following it closely.) Anyone wanting my attention personally should ask
for me in #twisted-sprint (I am user "hypatia") and keep in mind that I
keep Australian east coast daylight hours ;)

The reviews will be coordinated on a wiki: if you need assistance
working out how to create and edit pages on the wiki, please ask on IRC.

For more details, see instructions at
http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/register/wiki/DocumentationAnalysis and
to get a good idea of what you need to do: for anything missing ask me
on IRC.

As I wrote yesterday I will be online between 0400 - 0700 UTC if there
are any people in Australian timezones or US nightowls wanting to do
stuff. I'll be back around 2100 UTC (that's late Saturday afternoon in
the US) for some more work. Others will be around at other times.


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