[Twisted-web] Twisted and WSDL

C Wegrzyn lists at garbagedump.com
Tue Feb 14 09:59:49 MST 2006

Hello. I am just getting started with Twisted and I must say it is a
very nice package! I am trying to write a SOAP application (server side).

In the C/C++ I would use gSOAP to take a WSDL and generate the support
libraries. What I like about Twisted is that introspection is available
to make this, more or less, automatic. I searched around trying to find
an example of using a WSDL file along with Twisted so that I would only
need to write the supporting functions. I found nothing very useful. I
am wondering if anyone can give me some pointers to using WSDL under
Twisted (I know something of SOAPpy but I am not sure I can use it
directly under Twisted).

Peace, and thanks in advance,
Chuck Wegrzyn

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