[Twisted-web] Fixes and improvements on FastCGI channel

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo at niemeyer.net
Mon Feb 13 16:28:00 MST 2006

Hello there,

I'm sending attached a hacked version of the FastCGI channel
for web2. It fixes a few bugs, and enhances it a bit,
like adding support for multiplexing (default is still single
request handling), and adding a startFastCGI function that
enables it to work under "normal" FastCGI setup.

I've left intact the original author's comments, at the top
of the file, even though the ones regarding single request
handling don't make sense anymore. He was so bold in his
comments that I was afraid of touching it. :-)

Please notice that, unfortunately, I'm not planning to maintain
that code. It was just a way for me to get a feeling of the
web2 infrastructure and twisted itself, since I hadn't looked
at it for a while.

I hope you enjoy it anyway. ;-)

Gustavo Niemeyer
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