[Twisted-web] Re: xmlrpc server daemon

Gustavo Rahal gustavo at grahal.net
Wed Feb 8 09:46:05 MST 2006

Samuel Reynolds wrote:
> At 2006-02-08 11:14 AM -0200, you wrote:
>> Hi
>> How do I make my xmlrpc server a daemon?
>> The code that starts the server is:
>> r = rmsWebServices()
>> xmlrpc.addIntrospection(r)
>> reactor.listenTCP(7080, server.Site(r))
>> reactor.run()
>> What should I change?
> Since you said "daemon" and not "service", you're
> presumably running on an *nix box.
> A daemon is, fundamentally, just a program that
> doesn't exit when you do. Your friends are
> nohup and '&'.
> So if you start the server for testing using
>    myserver.py<enter>
> then the simplest way to start it as a daemon
> is this way:
>    nohup myserver.py &<enter>
> '&' detaches it from the current process I/O
> so you can continue using the console for other
> things. 'nohup' detaches it from the current
> user so it keeps running after you log out.
> If you start it this way from a system startup
> script, you have an always-on daemon.
> - Sam

Actually what I meant was service :)

I wan't to use with twistd
I saw the example in the twisted book but I didn't understand how to 
adapt to my situation.


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