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Adrian Perez moebius.lists at gmail.com
Sat Aug 26 17:14:36 CDT 2006


As I mentioned earlier, I'm writing a weblog system using Nevow, and
now I'm proud of announcing the availability of the first «official»
alpha release, version A1A1. You can grab it here:

 - TGZ: http://code.connectical.net/nn-releases/bic/bic-A1A1.tar.gz
 - Combined TGZ, recommended (Bic A1A1, Pyramid A0A15, Formal 255-svn):

(If you don't have Pyramid and/or Formal, and don't want to have
extrawork downloading and installing them, I recommend using the second

As I stated in my previous message, any comments regarding the thing
will be appreciated. I know there are some bugs, and that a lot of
features are still missing but... it's alpha! :-P. Even so, I'm very
happy with the result.

Once installed somewhere in your $PYTHONPATH, make it work as follows:

 $ mkdir /tmp/bic
 $ cp bic.{tac,conf} /tmp/bic
 $ cd /tmp/bic && twistd -noy bic.tac

Then point a web browser to http://localhost:3979 (administration at
http://localhost:3979/login). By default, username and password are
both «admin» (without the quotes). You can tune authentication by
editing «bic.conf»:

 $ echo 'auth_plugin = passwd' >> bic.conf
 $ echo 'auth_params = filename:bic.passwd' >> bic.conf
 $ echo 'iamcool:mypassiscool' >> bic.passwd
 $ echo 'sheiscool:herpassiscool' >> bic.passwd

Here you have a screenshot with someone logged in, with the default
theme and english localization:

Finally, I would like to thank the one who pointed about using formal
instead of formless, because I found formal to be somewhat nicer than
the other one ;-) Also, the recent thread regarding nevow.guard was
useful because it helped me understand how does it work, so I was able
of using nevow.guard to add authentication.


P.S: If this list is not suitable for announcements like this, just let
me know, I don't want to be unpolite ;-)

Adrian Perez
"Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want"
                                           -- (Dan Stanford)

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