[Twisted-web] Re: FileSaver bug

dreid at dreid.org dreid at dreid.org
Tue Aug 1 12:15:21 CDT 2006

> thanks,
> the defect is now submitted :)
> Alex.

Alex, Hi.

It might be worth knowing that I was going to delete FileSaver, because
the bugs are numerous and parts of it are just outright wrong
(readIntoFile returns a deferred but it is a very sad and lonely deferred
that has no one waiting on it.)  Instead I plan to replace it with a
minimal set of examples for handling form upload.  The thing you want is
likely far simpler than FileSaver and using FileSaver will likely only
complicate matters.  So if you'd like to ask some specific questions about
handling file upload in web2 I'd be glad to help you move towards a
non-FileSaver solution.


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