[Twisted-web] How to display python script output and php path

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Fri Apr 7 08:58:24 CDT 2006

Normand Savard wrote:

> I'm using an existing twisted python script to serve my Web pages (see 
> below) on Linux.  When I set the URL to point to a python script (see 
> example below), the script executes well.  I see the output result in 
> the shell window but nothing is shown in the browser window.  Could 
> you point me out what is missing in this script to display the output 
> of a script?  I looked in the mailing list archive and could not find 
> my answer.
> And how could I change the filter path to the php executable.  
> Actually the path is set to "/usr/bin/php4" and I want to set it to 
> "/usr/local/bin/php".
> Thanks.
Two days ago I sent this post to this list (notice that I removed the 
script to not overload this email)  without any answer maybe because my 
question was not clear enough.  So I try again.  I have a Twisted Web 
server to serve my HTML pages.  When I point my URL to an external 
Python script, the script is executed because I can see the return value 
of this script in the shell where I started Twisted Web.  But the return 
value is not displayed in the browser window.

Does someone know why Twisted Web server does not display the return 
value of my Python script in the browser window? Or what is the output 
stream to print to in my python script for Twisted to display the text 
in the browser?

Any help would be really appreciate.  Or if someone could point me out 
to some Twisted documentation about this topic.

Thanks for your time.


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