[Twisted-web] HTML Tidy and Stan

Moof moof at metamoof.net
Thu Apr 6 06:05:58 CDT 2006


Being relatively new to nevow, I'm findint it a bit of a challenge to
get to grips with. Of late, I've been wantign to look at some of the
generated HTML from the pages I'm producing in my application, and I
find stan's "run it all together" approach a bit confusing to read, so
I've been putting the result through HTML tidy manually.

I then tried to work out how to get nevow to do it automatically, and
the only way I've found it by overriding the finisher in
rend.Page._renderHTTP for when self.buffered is true. This makes me
uneasy, for obvious reasons, and I'm wondering:

* Is there a saner place to put a filter such as HTML tidy?
* Is there a way to get stan to pretty-print its output?

Thanks in advance,

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