[Twisted-web] starting up with twisted.web2

lloyd at paisite.com lloyd at paisite.com
Wed Sep 21 20:45:30 MDT 2005

Hi Boh,

> When I get all this to work.. will do up some docs and post this up...
> perhaps it could contribute to TechnoTurkey
> <http://twisted.paisite.com> which I came across on this list..

As the author of TechnoTurkey I'd much appreciate your contributions. I've
been trying to understand the Twisted framework myself, with much
frustration. At this point I've gone about as far as I can go without deep
analysis of source. I've asked for guidance from the community, have
received some, but not enough to carry me anywhere near to sufficient
understanding to develop production quality code.

If you've looked at the TechnoTurkey site you'll see that it's a series of
step-by-step experiments intended to unfold ever deeper understanding. We
have a simple tinker-toy dynamic page running. But I don't understand
enough yet, myself, to go much further based on the documentation. So I'm
just now delving into the source to see if I can understand how it all
fits together.

I'd much welcome any help you could provide in that direction, or any
experiments that you might suggest that would deepen Turkey's
understanding of Twisted.

All the best,

Lloyd R. Prentice

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