[Twisted-web] how to redirect to another url

Michal Pasternak michal at pasternak.in
Mon Sep 5 06:45:57 MDT 2005

Dnia Monday 05 September 2005 12:15, Alberto Trujillo napisał:
> Could anybody tell me what I must change in the next code to do an
> automatic redirection of url.

Here comes an untested solution... I think it will work:

> 30            # content = '2;URL=' + href

		content = [ '2;URL=', href ]

You shouldn't add URLOverlay and str object. Just return them from render_ 
method, and it will be treated in the right way.

Of course, everything depends on your render method :) If it looks like 
"return str(data['content'])", well, it still will not work :^)


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