[Twisted-web] looking for a request.getfirst

Andy Gayton andy at thecablelounge.com
Mon Oct 17 06:01:10 MDT 2005

Michele Simionato wrote:
> I am surprise I don't find a method to extract the value of a field from a
> request object. At the moment I am using a helper function
> def getfirst(name, request):
>     return request.args.get(name, [None])[0]
> but is there a better solution?

There is a convenience method 'arg' on nevow's context object that does 

     def arg(self, get, default=None):
         """Placeholder until I can find Jerub's implementation of this

         Return a single named argument from the request arguments
         req = self.locate(IRequest)
         return req.args.get(get, [default])[0]

It's used in nevow/examples/manualform


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