[Twisted-web] ClientToServerEvent, how to get it?

Alberto Trujillo alberto.trujillo at ucd.ie
Tue Oct 11 11:53:19 MDT 2005

Hello all!
Just a fast question. I need to translate a nevow handler into its 
client string representation already on the server side, to include it 
in some weird text/javascript thing...
for example:

myhandler = livepage.handler(contentHandler, 'd.getSelected()'

should be translated to a string looking like this: (already on the 
server side)

nevow_clientToServerEvent('1',this,'','someJsFunction()'); return false;"

is this possible on the server side, i tried to use 
livepage.flt(myhandler) but that gave me a weird error msg, is there a 
way to get the client representation already on the server side?

thanks very much in advance!


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