[Twisted-web] LivePage with out stan

Alberto Trujillo alberto.trujillo at ucd.ie
Mon Oct 10 03:10:25 MDT 2005

We don't want to use stan because we want to keep the html code 
separated in different files. Because in this way is easier to change 
the template, or make changes in the html file.
Anyway, want I need to know if is there is a way to change the values of 
the attributes in a tag object.
Now we have a form with select box that with event onclick has to change 
the values in the other field of the form, I've try it to change in the 
way that I know, but the result that I got is a input text inside the 
input text where I want to change the value, and even I after I can't 
edit the input text.
Here I send you the code to show you what I did.

    def render_selectExperiments(self, ctx, data):
        """Fill the select box that contain the experiments"""
        def expDetails(client, value):
            expDatas = self.mydatas(value)
            client.set('expName', expDatas.name)
            client.set('expType', expDatas.typeId)
            client.set('expDescription', expDatas.description)
            node = byId('expName_form')
            node.value = expDatas.name
            client.set('expName_form', node)
            client.set('expDescription_form', expDatas.description)
        hnd_expDetails = livepage.handler(expDetails, 

Thank you.

Michael M wrote:

>Why don't you want to use stan. Have you had a look at using the nevow
>xml setup instead of using stan??
>It would probably help a little bit if you could explain what you are
>trying to do.
>On 10/4/05, Alberto Trujillo <alberto.trujillo at ucd.ie> wrote:
>>Could anybody tell me how to use LivePage with out use Stan. I've been
>>trying the last two days with out any result.
>>If somebody can show me a example I will appreciate it.
>>Thanks in advance.
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