[Twisted-web] Some questions regarding nevow.athena

Johannes Beigel johannes.beigel at brainbot.com
Mon Nov 28 01:54:25 MST 2005


We are currently using Twisted+Nevow to build web frontends. There's 
some AJAX stuff involved and we are using several JavaScript and Python 
packages and mostly custom code for this.

With the new Nevow versions a restructuring of LiveEvil/Livepage code to 
the new athena package has begun. I looked at it and it looks very 
promising, especially the way it integrates into existing Nevow code and 

Is there some API documentation/example code available (some more than 
in the SVN tree)?

The code states that the API could be rather unstable. Would you rather 
recommend to wait for a little more mature athena before using it in 
production code?


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