[Twisted-web] Dynamical generated slots

Johann Siegele j.siegele at gmx.at
Thu Nov 24 09:30:58 MST 2005

    im looking for a possibility to generate Slots for a livepage
my code for the livepage looks like this, it works fine, but i can not
update any of the slots!
    def render_mytable(self, ctx, data):
            for i in range(1,15):
              mydetail.append([T.td [T.slot('test'+str(i), "default")]])
              if i % 3 is 0:
            return ctx.tag[mydetail]

<table nevow:render="mytable" name="mytabletest"/>

it should be possible that the user can change the text in the row n and
colume x.

this do not work:
client.set('test1', text)

i think the problem is, that the slots are not hardcoded.

is there a other possibility.

thank you very much!

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