[Twisted-web] How to use twistd on Windows to run a simple webserver

Keith.Gunderson at act.org Keith.Gunderson at act.org
Tue Nov 22 13:20:17 MST 2005

Thats the ticket.  Very nice.  The shortcut was hidden in a menu under a
button labeled Start  :(  Here's the details...

C:\WINNT\system32\CMD.EXE /k C:\SOMEWHERE\python24\lib\site-packages\twiste
d\twistenv.bat C:\SOMEWHERE\python24\scripts

Keith Gunderson

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On Tue, 22 Nov 2005 13:52:17 -0600, keith.gunderson at act.org wrote:
>I've finally found a good reason to delve into twisted at my job.  I've
>been keeping up with your progress over the past few years, but now I
>seem to get the simplest of webapps to run.  (I've read all the docs and
>blogs that I can get my eyes on.)

twisted/scripts/twistd.py is a private implementation module, it is not
intended to be invoked directly.  It is only used when you use twistd on

twisted/scripts/_twistw.py is also a private implementation module.  It is
only used when you use twistd on Windows.

bin/twistd is the executable program intended to be invoked.  I'm not sure
how the latest Windows installer works.  It used to provide a command shell
(cmd.exe with the environment configured to make working with Twisted
easier) from which you could run "twistd" without specifying the full
location.  This may still be the case.

In any case, you definitely don't want to run anything in twisted/scripts/


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