[Twisted-web] web2 response.setCookie and request.getCookie shortcuts?

Clark C. Evans cce at clarkevans.com
Wed Nov 16 15:42:34 MST 2005

I'm still having fun with web2, it is such a huge improvment over
twisted.web and I'm absolutely thrilled with it.  However, I have
a few suggestions:
   1. It would be supreme if render() and locateChild() just provided
      me the Request object; the incantation to ctx.locate() seems a
      tedious an unnecessary step.

   2. I would love a request.getCookie('cookie-name') and 
      response.setCookie('cookie-name','cookie-value', path = '/')
      helper; that adds the given cookie to the current list.

   3. Make the 'path' in the Cookie constructor and setCookie default
      to '/'.  Almost all of the time you want your cookies to be 
      site-wide; adding path = '/' to each request adds a point of
      failure that makes the system less usable.

Kind Regards,


P.S.  Following is sample cookie code that works with web2

from twisted.internet import reactor, defer
from twisted.web2 import server, http, resource, channel, iweb
from twisted.web2.http_headers import Cookie

class Toplevel(resource.Resource):
    addSlash = True
    def render(self, ctx):
        request = ctx.locate(iweb.IRequest)
        found = False
        for cookie in request.headers.getHeader('cookie',[]):
            if cookie.name == 'testing':
                print "found", cookie.value
                found = True
        response = http.Response(stream="Hello monkey!")
        if not found:
            print "not-found"
            cookie = Cookie("testing","womble",path="/")
        return response

# Standard twisted application Boilerplate
from twisted.application import service, strports
application = service.Application("demoserver")
site = server.Site(Toplevel())
s = strports.service('tcp:8080', channel.HTTPFactory(site))

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