[Twisted-web] Announce : TwistedCherry 0.0.2

Thomas Weholt thomas.weholt at gmail.com
Fri May 27 01:37:46 MDT 2005

TwistedCherry is a very simple proof-of-concept project to show 
CherryPy-like development methods using the Twisted HTTP-server.
 Note ! TwistedCherry has so far only been tested with Twisted 1.3.0 and 
actually not been tested much at all. Run test_server.py and 
surf to http://localhost:8080 for a ( hopefully ) running example server. 
The code isn't 100% CherryPy, but sort of a mix of Twisted, CherryPy
and then some. You'll also need CheetahTemplate-system for the test-server 
to run.
 Anyway, I'd be glad for any comments or ideas you might have and as you'll 
probably see from the code I'm not the greatest Twisted-hacker 
alive today ;-)
 Download http://www.mrmuffin.net/software/TwistedCherry-0.0.2.tgz
 References :

Mvh/Best regards,
Thomas Weholt
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