[Twisted-web] broadcast events; sessions

ellers at ellerton.net ellers at ellerton.net
Thu May 19 15:54:51 MDT 2005

Hello all :)

Can anyone help me with these questions?

- I need to include in my server the ability to sent a broadcast of an
event out to listeners.

  The listeners will be GUIs that are normally communicating with the
server by calling XML-RPC. Naturally, when the server wants to broadcast
an event back it will need some other mechanism. Is UDP what I should be
looking for?

  Although my app is a system monitoring tool, I guess this in this
respect the behaviour I want is similar a chat server, as in the demo

- The server will have a HTTP interface as well as XML-RPC (I know XML-RPC
is HTTP but you know what I mean) and I need the flow to go like

   (a) user logs in with SSL
   (b) user redirected to non-SSL page
   (c) subsequent operations in web pages use session info like username
   (d) XML-RPC calls should also have same SSL/login sequence

  I figure this requires the use of cookies and sessions.
  Are there any tips or fully functional "rich" demos that cover this ground?
  (I'm thankful for the demos online and test progs ... but what I REALLY
need is substantial docs and/or samples, fully functional extensive

Thanks for any tips - much appreciated :)


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