[Twisted-web] nested nevow:data

Little mordaha at gmail.com
Sun May 8 02:18:56 MDT 2005

How can i use nested nevow:data construction?

<div n:data="items">
  <div n:data="subitems">


this construction won't working at all...

For example, first data is array of years ('1997', '1998', e.t.c)
and second data is "select * from .. where year=%s"

And i whant a page with many tables - one table, one year

So i desided to make nested n:data tags:

<div n:data="years" n:render="years">
 <div n:pattern="year">
   <div n:data="year" n:render="year" >
       <div n:pattern="item">
          tr td td td

But it doesn't work

Any solution?

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