[Twisted-web] Context?

User Paolino paolo_veronelli at libero.it
Tue May 3 03:20:51 MDT 2005

gerardo arnaez wrote:

>Hello all.
>I have slowly been working my way through the nevow examples
>I have start look at the base classes to understand what is going on,
>but Im still stuck on what "context" is supposed to mean
>in say (self, context,data)
>I understand self, and understand data,
>but dont understand the function or what the argument *context* is doing?
>I have been going thought the examples and it is just not clear.
>Any enlightening insight would be much appreciated
#The context in which the rendering is happening.
#Apart from very useful information you can already get from it:

from nevow.inevow import IRequest
from nevow import rend

class Rendering(rend.Fragment):
  def  render_try(self,context,data):
#you can pass your own to it

from nevow import compy
class IContent(compy.Interface):

class Another(rend.Fragment):
  def  render_try(self,context,data):
     content="this is something I want all the methods in this rendering
process to get known about"

# all the rendering methods called after that can retrieve the 'content'
from context with IContent(context)

Probably there are more useful things context is supposed to be used for


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