[Twisted-web] xslt nevow and escaped xml

Steven Armstrong sa at c-area.ch
Fri Mar 25 12:46:19 MST 2005

On 03/25/05 20:09, ErikSwan wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are using XSLT with twisted/nevow and want to pass xml through 
> fillslots or stan generated API without getting escaped.
> Any suggestions or pointers to how to do?
> Thanks,
> e

Hi Erik

I've had the same problem within a sequence-mapping renderer.
Attached is an example of the workaround I used. Maybe it gives you some
ideas for possible solutions.

The trick is to use:

A cooler solution would be if one could set a flag on slots telling
nevow how they should be rendered.
<nevow:slot name="myslot" escape="false" />

But for this to work you'ld have to hack nevow itself.

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