[Twisted-web] Nevow liveglue and proxy

Thomas HERVE therve at free.fr
Thu Mar 24 02:30:21 MST 2005

Quoting Matt Goodall <matt at pollenation.net>:

> This is a common problem with proxied applications. It affects 
> anything that generates URLs.
> You need to add a nevow.vhost.VHostMonsterResource to your site. See 
> the docstring for details, including how to configure the Apache 
> proxy.

Well in fact I use a resource wrapped in a guard.SessionWrapper to get the
authentication functionnality, and the only solution I've seen for 
using vhosts
is the small hack found here :
There's not seem to have a clean solution for this problem, and I'm not (yet
:)) able to judge if I should use this.


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