[Twisted-web] web2

Lenny G Arbage alengarbage at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 17 12:35:39 MST 2005

--- James Y Knight <foom at fuhm.net> wrote:
> But as for improvements it's supposed to bring:
> - streaming upload data
> - multiple headers of the same name
> - better factoring of lowlevel HTTP vs highlevel
> request handling, to 
> allow other transports (e.g. CGI) to be more easily
> plugged in
> - IResource interface improvements from Nevow
> - more versatile outgoing data streaming API.
> - header parsing correctness
> - full HTTP1.1 support
> - output filters (e.g. HTTP range support done in a
> generic fashion)
> - I dunno, probably some more stuff I forgot at the
> moment.
> It's not done enough yet for me to recommend using
> it in production,

  web2 sounds like it will be fabulous.  

  I hope you don't mind me asking for a bit more
advice-- suppose I do need to fix the streaming file
upload problem* right away (or at least fairly soon). 
Do I use nevow instead of web?  Do I use web2 from
svn?  What other options do I have before me?  Which
of these paths will allow me to bring my webserver
back to web2 with the least resistence when web2 is

  -- thanks, Lenny G

* btw, isn't this a security hole for any webserver
running off of twisted-web.resource.Resource -based
websites -- if a client does a post with
multipart/form-data and then just streams data
endlessly, the server process mushrooms to fill all
available memory and swap?

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