[Twisted-web] web2

Lenny G Arbage alengarbage at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 14 22:35:38 MST 2005

  Looking through the archives, I saw a lot of
discussion about web2 in September, but not much since
then.  Anyone care to comment on status?

  I'm really looking forward web2 for a couple of
reasons, the most pressing being that I need to handle
file uploads from multipart/form-data.  In twisted.web
 this means holding the entire request in memory (as
you know), which isn't so good when large files are

  I'd also love to see a new client get in there (is
this being worked on as well)?  Right now, I'm using
httplib logic spun off in a deferToThread because that
was the only way I could figure out how to do client
file upload via mulitpart/form-data efficiently (same
problem as above -- large requests generated).

  I did download a 0.1.0 version of web2, but haven't
had time to upgrade to python2.4 yet to try it out.  I
am considering moving forward with web2, since I know
I'll need it in production -- am I early in doing this
(is the API still really unstable, etc.)?  Should I

  Thanks in advance for any guidance / info,
  -- Lenny G.

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