[Twisted-web] mixing livepage with threads

Kevin Dangoor kid at kendermedia.com
Sat Mar 5 13:38:04 MST 2005

I'm using a relatively recent vintage Twisted and Nevow (say within the 
past 3 weeks). I'm trying to do something like this:

def myLPHandler(self, client):
    def progress(message):
       # there are a couple of miscellaneous things that happen here... 
trivial, non-blocking, non-io stuff.
       client.set("someid", message)

    def wrappedprogress(message):
       reactor.callFromThread(progress, message)

    reactor.callInThread(someLongRunningThing, wrappedprogress)

Here's what happens:
1) user clicks a button that calls the method above
2) someLongRunningThing starts up
3) it sends progress messages to wrappedprogress
4) a couple messages show up, but after that they just get buffered (I 
can see this with liveevil.DEBUG=True)

Should this work? Is there something else I should be doing to keep 
sending messages across the livepage link?

Generally speaking, LivePage has been great fun to use. It's so easy and 
yet so powerful!


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