[Twisted-web] liveevil problem: nested functions get lost

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Tue Mar 1 01:47:31 MST 2005

Il giorno lun, 28-02-2005 alle 17:54 -0800, Donovan Preston ha scritto:
> On Feb 28, 2005, at 3:09 PM, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:
> > substituting "this" to "node"? It is fine for me and even the "js" name
> > is not too bad (i.e., I can't think of anything better right now.)
> That is correct, and I hope it is ok. The way "literal" (to be renamed 
> "js") is written is very convenient, too:
> handler(mycallable, liveevil.js.this.value)
> Would work just as well (__getattr__ constructs new literal instances). 
> There is already a module-global "document" literal, so you can do 
> livepage.document.getElementById. literal (js) provides __getitem__ as 
> well as __call__ implementations.

Usefull. Can we also have a module-global "this"? And maybe "window"?
document, window and this are almost the only JS globals I can think of
that are used in a normal page.

> I hope it all makes sense, it is somewhat experimental at this point. 
> One good thing about this new implementation is that there are 
> extensive javascript quoting unittests, where there were none before, 
> so hopefully it is less buggy, more flexible, and less likely to change 
> in the future.

Great. :)


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