[Twisted-web] Livepage, ClientHandle and context [continued]

Chris Were chris at feedtagger.com
Mon Jun 27 18:23:50 MDT 2005

>> I expect this can be rectified in livepage.py (line 728 on my co):
>>     def locateHandler(self, ctx, path, name):
>>         ### XXX TODO: Handle path
>>         return getattr(self, 'handle_%s' % (name, ))
> The path here is meant to be a string which names a Fragment or other 
> dispatch path. As you can see, none of this is implemented yet, but 
> this is my solution to this problem that you and others on this list 
> have had. Basically the API in javascript would look something like this:
> server.handleWithPath('onclick', 'some/path', 'someArgument')
> locateHandler would change to look more like locateChild, breaking 
> apart the path into segments and consuming them until it locates the 
> target. I'm not sure how the default locateHandler implementation will 
> locate action targets; perhaps with dispatch_* prefixed methods? Here 
> is a small example:
> class MainPage(Page):
>     docFactory = loaders.xmlstring("""<html 
> xmlns:n="http://nevow.com/ns/nevow/0.1">
>   <a onclick="server.handleWithPath('onclick', 'someFragment', 
> 'someArg')">
>     Click me
>   </a>
>   <span n:render="liveid" />
>   <span n:render="liveglue" />
> </html>""")
>     def dispatch_someFragment(self, ctx):
>         return MyFragment()
> class MyFragment(Fragment):
>     def handle_onclick(self, ctx, someArg):
>          assert someArg == 'someArg'
> Suggestions on different names other than "dispatch_*" are welcome; 
> the main reason I haven't implemented this functionality yet is 
> because I can't decide what to call it! :-)

I'd say dispatch is fine (and not just because I'd like to see this
implemented ;-)
Taking from the chatola example:
return context.tag(onsubmit=livepage.handler(onSubmit,

What would be good is if something similar could be used with dispatch,
perhaps the following (assuming this code is within a fragment):

return context.tag(onsubmit=livepage.handler(onSubmit,
ie: livepage.handler(func,arg,fragment=None)

if this mapped the javascript to
server.handleWithPath('action','fragment','arg') and also mapped (if not
there already) the dispatch_fragment in the MainPage

Would something along those lines be feasible?

> I suggest using a query parameter rather than an additional URL 
> segment. xml is a different "view" of the same "object"; in my 
> opinion, URLs should represent "objects" (Resources) and query 
> parameters should be used to parameterize how the view renders. One 
> might also be able to use the "Accept" header that browsers send to 
> negotiate the rendered content type. But this is just a suggestion. 
> Whatever works for you is fine with me :-)

I tend to agree that xml is a different "view", but I see a benefit in a
REST-like approach to have /xml at the end of an existing Resource...
perhaps the idea that /xml is an extended view to the existing Resource.


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