[Twisted-web] Nevow, formless: complex widgets

Little mordaha at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 02:10:34 MDT 2005

How can i build a "complex control" which consists of a number of standart 
 For example "DateWidget" which consits of a three standard
annotate.Listwidgets DayList, MonthList and YearList?
 This is a simple example. 
More complex example is a String+List widget, where the List data is based 
on String data submitted.
 1. String is empty. List is Emply.
2. User types a phrase into String and presses Submit button.
3. Same form, with ERROR in List (whis is not selected) but List is not 
emply, it's filled from DataBase using String value like filter in query.
4. A user selects a value from List and presses submit again
 The most copmlex example is a String+List with a live XMLHTTP-request when 
List filled from XMLHTTPrequest.
 I do it in past on PHP, but i can't find any way how i can do it in nevow 
(using formless, not manual form submitting)
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