[Twisted-web] issue with session and LivePage

Carl Shimer carl at clingfire.net
Sun Jun 12 11:16:36 MDT 2005



I have a guarded site using livepage.  If the user is currently viewing a
livepage site and lets the session expire (i.e they do nothing), livepage
will generate a client side alert that is basically the contents of the
stylesheet in failure.py.  Not such a good user experience :)


After some digging I noticed that Livepage doesn't have a notifyOnExpire
handler (liveevil does however).  The solution is to add a handler in the
goingLive implementation:


def goingLive(self,ctx,handle):

      self.handle = handle



The problem is in the implementation of OnExpireCallback.  The current code:


def OnExpireCallBack(self):

      # send the user back to the main page

      self.handle.sendScript('window.location.href = "/"')



A couple of issues here: 

1) it doesn't seem right to call _closeComplete() but it seems to work.  Is
there a better solution?

2) I would like to do something a bit fancier here that involves displaying
a DIV for 1 sec and then redirecting to the main page.  Sample client side
JS (you could do the same thing by using the client handle).  


function handleLogout(strval)


      newval = "<div id='logoutpopup'>" + strval + "</div>";


      self.setTimeout("window.location.href = \"/\"",500) }


However, calling handleLogout before calling _closeComplete() will result in
the same error mentioned at the top.  Perhaps a timing issue?


Perhaps some of these issues will be resolved with donovan's new livepage,
although I noticed on his branch that there still isn't a notifyOnExpire







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