[Twisted-web] Livepage, ClientHandle and context

Alexey Shamrin shamrin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 17:46:10 MDT 2005

On 5/31/05, Donovan Preston <dp at ulaluma.com> wrote:

> In this branch, input handlers can also return javascript which will
> be executed as the response to the input event.

What do you mean? I don't understand...
Are you talking about javascript that will be executed without
round-trip to server?

> I encourage anyone who is interested in livepage to take a look at
> this branch to see where it is going. Take a look at the examples to
> see what has changed, read the code, and experiment with it. Ask
> questions if you have any. I'll be trying to merge this branch into
> the mainline (after adding some backwards compatibility) in the next
> week.
> I'll also be adding some LivePage docs. I think the API will settle
> down after this last round of changes.

1. nevow_insertNode from liveglue.js (and livepage.insert) is broken.
And (as far as I can see) it is not used anywhere in Nevow (including
examples). Remove?

2. I think you should have "nevow_" prefix for all things in liveglue.js.

3. What is the purpose of ClientHandle.transient?

4. Are these two equivalent?
onsubmit=livepage.server.handle(livepage.js.onSubmit, getValue('inputline'))
onsubmit=livepage.server.handle('onSubmit', getValue('inputline'))

P.S. At this time I have only read the code and checked new
examples... I will try to experiment with it soon. But I must say your
javascript "constructor" looks interesting (livepage.assign,
livepage.var etc.)


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